Ways to use lip balm


This is how your red lipstick stays on all day

Mix your lipstick with lip balm for the most beautiful colors. Place a little lip balm on the back of your hand. Take a lip brush and swipe it lightly over your lipstick and blend the color with the balm on the back of your hand. Dab the mixture on your lips with a fingertip or apply it with your lip brush.

Lip balm as a lip primer

Your lips benefit from good hydration, by using a good lip balm. If they are dry, do this before you apply any lipstick. Use a tissue to remove excess balm, only then apply lipstick. Also works with a liquid lipstick for a smooth finish.

Fuller lips

With good blood flow, the lips become a little bit fuller temporarely. You can stimulate blood flow by massaging lip balm, with a finger or by pressing the lips together. Massaging gives a quick, but temporary result. For a long lasting effect, repeat this several times a day.

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Lip contouring

Contouring is not just for your cheeks, T-zone or forehead. Contours are great as a means to make your lips look bigger. Mix a little bronzer (or a dark neutral color powder) with lip balm and apply from the inside out just below the line of your upper lip. Et voilà!

Routine; the key to success

When you use lip balm, don't just do it during the day; also apply it before bedtime. Clean your lips before bed after brushing your teeth and apply lip balm before going to bed. Moisturizing your lips at bedtime keeps those lips firm without resorting to cosmetic procedures or injections.

Natural glow

Shine on your lips makes them appear fuller. Matte lips look more two-dimensional, while a glossy lip pops out more. Use concealer on your face and lip balm on your lips. This gives you a tight line and your lips look perfect, it also makes your lips pop out (and therefore look fuller).

Shape your lips

Would you like some fuller lips? Or do you want to correct uneven lips? A good lip liner in combination with Balmer "the lip balm" offers the solution. This way you can elegantly make your lips look fuller; Choose the right color lip liner

  • To make your lips look fuller, choose a lip liner that's one shade darker than your natural lip color. Stay within the line of your lips.
  • It is the darker color that produces the magnifying effect. Do not put the lip pencil outside your lip line. Just make a gentle line just inside or against your natural lip line.
  • Extra emphasis on Cupid's bow. You can only turn on the cupid's bow a bit more. The cupid's bow is the dimple in the center of your upper lip.
  • To rock this look, apply lip balm from the center of your lip to the corners of your lips, this gives a natural effect that makes your lips look fuller.