History of the brand

Launched in 2019

Balmer Cosmetics is one of the fastest growing cosmetics brands. Launched in 2019, Balmer Cosmetics was put on the skincare chart by Balmer's infamous "The Lipbalm", consisting of over 8 natural ingredients and essential oils, providing your lips with the treatment they deserve.
The product is developed from a need, a personal need for smooth, smooth and soft lips. Lips are for enjoying a red wine, playing an instrument, eating, talking a lot, and kissing all day long. Enjoy without worry.

Our culture

I myself come from a culture where I have learned that there is a solution for every problem. I remember when when I had a stomach ache my mother dripped olive oil into my belly button and made small circles with her elbow until the pain passed and when I had a bowel problem I had to take a teaspoon of cumin and the pain soon disappeared.
Also in my puberty, rubbing a slice of garlic over a cold sore on your, a mixture of turmeric and argan oil helped to fight acne. That is how I learned what's good for my body and what is not, and of course we are all different, but is the essence of our excistance we are all equal.

Let me tell you how it started. I couldn't find a lip balm that helped me with my big dry lips. I have quite full lips and always had skin on my lips.
I started with coconut oil, olive oil and turmeric which helped me a lot, but I was not satisfied yet. I also added almond oil and argan oil and made a few cans in my kitchen. Friends / friends around me started asking what I was using for my lips, golden yellow balm in a can stand out, and I started handing out samples. Got so much positive feedback and suggestions. With that feedback I have improved the lip balm several times, also together with my colleagues at Philips Consumer Lifestyle and now we are online.

What do we stand for

Balmer Cosmetics chose it the path of making "the lip balm" which means all the good stuff is in one balm. Instead, like other brands that brand ingredients like olive, almond, or argan oil as three separate products. Why would someone use a lip balm because he / she likes to take care of his / her lips. That's why we combine all the good stuff into one product.
The lip balm is vegan, 100% natural, in contrast to the regulations that indicate if 75% percent of your ingredients are natural, you ar allowed name a product naturally. Hence the discussion recently that consumers are being fooled by, for example, calling a bread whole weat bread while only 20% whole weat flour is used. This is now a topic because we consume, but we foresee that this will also happen for other sectors. In addition, an honest product that also works well is what you want. Of course also animal testing free.

Balmer Cosmetics and its products are pure nature without additives, natural formulas at their best. Balmer Cosmetics is about being true to yourself. The desire to take care of yourself and wanting the best for you and us and the earth. Your beautiful gesture starts every day with a small choice. The choice for sustainability. The choice for Balmer.

Stay informed

We've worked hard to create a product line that captures and emphasizes people's aesthetics. We are currently working on some exciting new things in the near future. Follow us on social media to keep up to date with our latest announcements and releases - we promise you don't want to miss it!